Laser made hinges

Here’s a link to a short video on laser made hinges. Has a few tips on creating them.


I like that. It appears to include a stop to keep the top from opening too far.

I am wondering if that stop creates a lever point that could possibly pull the bottom portion of the hinge out of the box. Maybe it’d be better without the stop.

I would like to experiment with this solution including testing their durability.


Thanks, this is nice to see; I had pinned some images of these hinges to my Pinterist board, and really liked his use of the jig to put them together too.
I am thinking that the stops shouldn’t be a problem for any but the largest boxes, since small and light ones would lift or slide before you would be able to put enough torque on them to break anything.
That said, for a larger box, it might make sense to use a dowel through the whole hinge rather than relying entirely on the surface-glued plugs, and to perhaps put a tenon with an inside hook right at the top of the back pieces to add some direct mechanical support.


I thought about dowels or pins through the hinge also. Would also ensure everything is lined up.

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Great tutorial, thanks for posting it!

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nice! thanks for sharing