Laser Marking on Borosilacate

I have a piece of borosilicate glass and I need to laser mark some letters into the surface. Is this even possible. I want to be reasonably certain it can even do it. I saw some other articles, but I know little about glass, I was hoping someone can tell me if this is possible and what it might turn out like

You’re definitely going to want to test. In general folks have had better results after coating class with soap - not exactly sure why though!

This might be of interest (from way back)


Well I have managed to successfully figure out how to mark on borosilicate glass and the results are very good (still shooting for perfect). I also can telling 501 settings to NOT use on borosilicate glass…unless you want to destroy your glass that is.

Now to figure out where to post the final settings when I get done??? Here?


Yep. Beyond the Manual is the place for non-PG material settings. :+1:


Did you fine tune your settings to etch Borosilacate. I am ordering K9 Borosilacate glass Christmas ornaments to etch on my glowforge pro. Even a starting point that I can use to experiment with my own settings.