Laser Marking spray $ per oz

About a year ago I purchased a 12oz can of Laserbond 100 laser marking spray. Similar to Cermark or Brilliance black laser marking products for metal. Made a very quick test of the product with my GF laser and it appeared to work great. Recently I needed to mark a few metal tags. Retrieved the can of laser spray and for some unknown reason all of the propellant had leaked, and If I turned the can upside down the remaining liquid would drip out. Not saying anything against the product. It was likely a rare problem. But that was a waste of $69. Or was it?

I found an empty hand sanitizer gel bottle and saved almost the full 12 oz of liquid from the damaged aerosol can. It works great with a small art brush on metal. Precise control, no worry about wasted product through overspray, and the final result was perfect.

I can purchase a 12oz aerosol spray can of the product for $69, or a 50 gram (1.76oz) bottle of the liquid for $54.95. Obviously I need to figure out how to easily drain propellant from an aerosol can and save the liquid.


usually the easiest way is to turn it upside down and spray. then all the liquid is not near the input.

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Yep. Assumed that. Guessing the easiest way to drain the liquid is to punch a hole after the aerosol is gone? Something failed in the original can. I was able to pour the liquid directly out after removing the nozzle.


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