Laser material sale

This popped up in my inbox, so I thought I’d share it. Might be some good deals.


I see they sell a lot of Vinyl which is a big no-no in a Glowforge and new folk need to be aware of that.

You need to spend $200-$300+ for ~60 sheets of 12" x 8" x 1/8" plywood, to get another 60 sheets. The actual wood looks decent but pine and Manchurian Ash would not be where I would want to go. I found regular ash to burn with a coal quite easily and while “peanut” ash could be pretty cool that is not the grain they are showing in the photos.

If you could use 120 sheets of the smaller12x8 sheets of Walnut or cherry for $320.00 there may be something there but it is also unfinished compared to about $500.00 for a similar acreage of Proofgrade with a finish. In smaller amounts without the volume discounts the proofgrade is less expensive.


Deals or not, ad spam or not (your poor inbox), they do have something interesting that I’ve never seen before: laser marking paper.

Anyone tried this stuff. looks like cermark for ceramic (and possibly other hard materials like stones?)

Also it’s sold out at xtool, so alternate sources may be worth chasing if this stuff is legit.


Looks like amazon has some for sale… and also color multipacks.

Hmm reviews are mixed… I wonder how many of the negative reviews are down to bad settings or poor material choices?


I’m not sure about the paper. But cermark does have a tape form that works in the same way. The guy said you can use it for any non-porous surface, like glass, ceramics, steel, etc. I’ve got a piece, but have yet to try it.


This is significantly cheaper than cermark tape (as I recall anyway… someone fact check me on that?) and seems to be aimed at really low-power diode lasers, so it seems fairly different?


The tape is super expensive. A 2x6" sample strip is 7.50 plus tax and shipping.

Yikes, I remembered it as being pricey but that’s even higher than I thought.

Yeah…the roll price for a 1-inch starts at over 100…and of course, the 2 inch wide one is over 200…I don’t know how much is in a roll, but I’m glad I really don’t need it…

Here’s my google research on Cermark tape

Not cheap

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Here’s the pictures for that colored stuff, but 2 of 3 reviews aren’t good

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If it’s like other transfer types of materials it will require excellent contact with the surface and really exact settings.

I suppose I should order some and try it.


Yeah, take one for the team! I’m thinking if anyone can make it work right, it’s you.


Heh, I appreciate your vote of confidence. I ordered some, we’ll see.


Me too. This could be fun if it works


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