Laser moving but not cutting

Laser following pattern no power, no errors. Restarted machine same thing. It actually stopped burning in the middle of an engraving.

ugh that’s bad, did you clean the laser head, do a maintenance?
Did you try and burn a gift of good measure on some Proofgrade?

can you see any ‘sparks’ lightning in the laser tube?
how old is your unit?


Hi Johnathan,
I tried a regular burn on a square and the same result. I have cut this pattern many times before. I can not see any lighting of the laser tube at all. I always clean my lenses, etc. And I repeated the cleaning process again. I’ve only had the unit for 8 mos. Just enough time for the warranty to expire I guess.
Thanks for the response,

which unit is it a plus? or a basic? - if its a pro you have a 12 month warranty on it!
the WORST CASE is its your laser tube, and that’s $500 which includes shipping
but lets not jump off that bridge yet.

try burning a gift of good measure, its the best way to know if things are good or not
have any proofgrade wood around?

also make sure the lens didn’t shift - THAT’S what MY GUT is telling me!
take a picture of the lens and share it!


Worst case is probably the power supply, which costs a little bit more.

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I have the basic I just got it in March, missed warranty by a month I guess. I put in proof grade material, tried the gift and same scenario.
I took the lens and mirror out after it stopped cutting and cleaned and reseated both. It scares me because it just stopped burning in the middle of the cut. Kind of like somebody switched of the laser. I have attached a picture of the tube as it is cutting and it doesn’t appear to have any power as it is not lit up.

take a picture of the lens… Please

how much is a power supply?
do you know?


:frowning: yea that looks good… so much for my intuition!!

Ok, you should open up a ticket in problems and support, and go thru the dance with tech support, and they will take it from there! HOPEFULLY its something minor!!! :crossed_fingers:


Thanks for your response.

I don’t have an exact figure but want to say that those repairs have been in the $800 range. Not sure if that includes shipping or not.


It’s a power supply, most likely.

I had it happen to me. I can’t say how much it is now but the repair was about 300-400 as I remember about 2 years ago.

The repair situation is very different these days, they have completely changed the way they do things since then. Good luck!


I’ve had something similar happen, and it was the white printer cable starting to come unplugged. Gave me focusing errors and once it stopped cutting in the middle of the job, since the computer board could no longer communicate with the head. Might try checking that?