Laser Pointer Projection From Acrylic


I came across this last night… Quite cool if you ask me!

(link because GIF was too large to upload to the fourms)

Do you think this is something that is possible with the Glowforge? I can’t tell if this is something thats on the surface or more in the middle of the acrylic ?


That is really cool! I would expect it would be on the surface, which is the good news; the bad news is that it would be rather difficult for those of us that see this as sorcerer’s magic to learn enough about holograms and optics to actually optically encode that kind of detail into every point!


Not even going to pretend to know what’s going on to make that happen, but someone posted a link to the product that has a close up, if that helps.


Now that is cool, will be trying to do that one day.

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I wonder if @dan used these in his light shows. Definitely interested in how these are made.


That is…awesome!:smiley:

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How the…
what the…
laser etch…
frensel lens…
I have no idea how this works.
Almost to the point that i think its fake.


I know. What gets me is the rotating globe… That seems too good to be true. I kinda order one and try it. Haha!

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Here’s a different company that makes them. From the site:
“Pixel sizes of 500 nm (= 0.0005 nm) to 1500 nm are used for light diffraction structures.”

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…in other words, don’t try this at home. :frowning:


Awe man. I’ll probably still try something of the sort… just less detailed… We’ll see. Haha! Thanks!

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Here is the sample if anyone wants to cough of up 15$ and try it out.


Just ordered one. Will let you guys know how it works. Note the shipping is also 12 euros. Not cheap.


Wow. They really get you with that shipping! Thanks for taking one for the team! I’ll look forward to your review!

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That’s a printed transmission hologram. You can find cheap versions in lots of laser pointer / laser show products these days.

No, you need a much, much finer printing to do that than you could get from the GlowForge.

That being said, you could engrave [pseudo random] patterns and create some wild lightshow masks/disks/gobos with the GlowForge.


When I was in high school, I worked at OMSI after school. I made these as part of the holography demo. (I also put on a beard and pretended to be galileo, but that’s another story). Unfortunately your Glowforge unit isn’t quite precise enough to encode holograms. :slight_smile:


so cool! the moving globe blew my mind.


Must. See. Photos! :wink:


The only ones that exist are whatever tourists took at the time…

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