Laser Printed Skull



One of my favorite makers just posted a video of him making a human skull using a laser cutter.

This is the kind of 3D sculpture that I have on my list of things I want to do when I get my Glowforge: Find a 3D model, use software to slice it up, cut those slices out of cardboard, and then use some kind of clay to smooth the surfaces.

Actually, I think I’d rather cut the slices out of wood and use various wood working tools to smooth the surfaces of the sculpture.

My head is full of ideas!


That was SO cool! I didn’t get how they modeled the registration holes, though. Is that done automatically by 123D Make?


Yes! The applications posibilities of this tool keep stacking…My head too!


Nice. I like the cardboard look myself. Changing the slice angle gives you so many “internal” lighting options.


I especially like the view of the stacked cardboard where you can see through it. The trouble with cardboard, though, is it’s only see-thru from a fairly narrow angle. I’ve thought about making a sphere of cardboard with a light in the middle but to make it so the light shines through from many angles, I would segment the sphere (like orange slices). Definitely not something you could do easily by hand. If only I had a laser cutter…


You could, instead, use a thin bamboo skewer to punch through some of the curogated sides between the layers. Just be careful to not let it go too far up of down and go through an unintended side, or that you put too many holes that you seperate the curogated layer completely


Wow. I had no idea slicing was that easy! I bet if you angled it right and hollowed out the model, you could enlarge it and do some neat things too.
So many new ideas now!


A cool project. I preferred it preclay, just cardboard, but I learned a lot from the video.


I ordered in hopes of following this exact workflow and using the final product as the master for mold making. Exciting to see that it works so well!


Or your skull is full of ideas…