Laser Pumpkin '19

Love the detail!

1 hour cut from a bitmap. Convert to dots. It didn’t go deep enough to see light through, and I didn’t feel like going back and cutting out the windows, cuz they’re tiny :slight_smile:

*My haunted little pumpkin took 2nd in the office competition!

Now I’ve got it back home and I’m curious what it’ll look like after I wash off all the soot - I imagine not very good, which is why I left it for presentation, but I’m curious! If nothing else it’ll be data for next year :slight_smile:


Very fun.
Last year I did this, and this year I even found pumpkins with really flat side with idea of improving up it, but I decided to just cut a cheshire cat shape out from a round of black acrylic and inset this into a hole cut in the front of the pumpkin & other other traditional carving…


Thats a super cool idea. What does vaporized pumpkin smell like anyway?

I’d be a little cautious…

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Oh wow! You really upped the Halloween decorations a notch or two.

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Seriously not very much. I even put a little cinnamon on there as someone suggested years back. I could smell it, but not much more than if I’d been carving it with a knife

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Interestingly enough I didn’t have that problem at all - no noticeable mess (other than the leftover cinnamon :stuck_out_tongue: )