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Is anybody else having problems with laser run time tonight? I’ve been doing a few cutting boards today and it’s all been the same picture and the time was roughly 3 hours and 45 minutes or so for the last two cuttingboards. Now I’m printing my 3nd one and once again it’s the same photo and now it is taking almost 7 hours. Any thoughts??..

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Something changed with the settings or orientation. The Glowforge prints at the speed it prints. It doesn’t change to increase the time 100%


I didn’t change any of my settings or the orientation of anything. That’s why I am not understanding why it bumped up an extra 3 hours.

If you are using SD engrave, the proofgrade setting changed to speed 535 rather than 1000. Care to share your settings?


Sure thing… I have it as my regular setting of bamboo cutting board. Speed is at 1000 the Power is at 95 lines per inch is 340 and number of passes 3. I have a jig set up so when I open to remove a cutting board the other one fits right in perfectly and I never have to move the picture on my computer because it is perfectly aligned to where I have it. So I just replace it with the new one. Then I come to my computer set focus then I click print, It calibrates and so on. The last two have always been off by a minute or 2 but never in hours. I’ve been doing custom cutting boards of this week. A total of 5 pictures, each picture is on 4 cutting boards and I’ve never had a time difference so dramatic like I’m having right now. All my other cutting boards have had the same picture, the time was like I said a difference between 1 or 2 minutes this is the 1st time that it’s jumped from 3 hours 45 minutes to 6 hours Plus. What’s not making sense to me is that I’m printing the same picture on for cutting boards this is my 3rd cutting board and instead of taking the 3 hours plus it is taking now 6 hours plus. Sorry for reiterating… This is the 1st time out of the 20 cutting boards I’m doing. Thus far the timing has been spot on on every single one of them and I am now at my last 2 and this 3 cutting board time has jumped up significantly.

That is very crazy, and I would certainly think 7 hours for a cutting board is pretty unreasonable. Since you are using a jig and regular settings, there does not seem to be any reasonable explanation for this behavior. I think you should post in Problems and Support and see if a Glowforge support person can look at your logs and figure out what happened.

Yes that’s what I’ll do, thank you for your help though. Have a great weekend.

Have you checked your lenses to see if they need cleaning? I clean my glass components daily if I’m cutting MDF or other material with dirty residue. It’s amazing how fast gunk is deposited on the camera lens, and I know it goes other places as well.

You may have accidently doubled your artwork and it now thinks you want the whole process done twice?

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Just curious if you figured out your settings? I had some engraving to do today & my 1000/84/225 engrave setting is so wonky after not using it for 2 weeks.

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