Laser safe foams

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does anyone know of a laser safe source for varying thickness of foams? I am specifically looking for foam used in miniature cases to transport them safely.

Thanks in advance

Foam is one of those topics that comes up fairly regularly. You should try searching the forum for “foam”, there are lots of discussions.

EVA foam is ladder safe and cuts well. You can get it from cosplay suppliers and your local dedicated foam supplier. (Los ANGELES has Foam Mart for example) Just make sure that your source is providing actual EVA that is completely PVC/chlorine free.

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Thank you for the heads up, unfortunately almost all the post deal with a more close cell eva foam. I am specifically looking for the soft squishy foams that companies like feldherr and army transport use to keep miniatures safe. I am guessing that they are laser cutting all their foam, I just need to know where I can find it.

Maybe Carolina Custom Foam is where you will find something suited for your needs.

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So the big risks with foams are fire and melting. Open cell foams like you’re describing can be cut, but I’d be very careful with them for that reason. You’re limited to 0.5” thickness or less (in theory) and as long as the material isn’t pvc (I’m not sure there is a pvc foam, but you should be sure), you can give it a try, I’d think. Just be ready in case it burns.

As for lasering it being the norm, I’ll bet most companies die cut their foam. There are a couple links and products that I’ll share for you.

First, I have cut an open cell fabric-backed foam, and posted about it a few times:

Second, there are pull-apart foams on the market that might do what you’re looking for without risking melt/fire.

Something like this:

Feldherr Pick and Pluck - Pre-Cubed Foam Tray 300 mm x 300 mm x 50 mm (11.8 inch x 11.8 inch x 2 inch) Plus Free Bottom

(It’s even from Feldherr, so maybe you already know of it?)

It comes in all sorts of thicknesses and shapes, search for “pick and pluck” or “pull apart” foam.

Sometimes the laser just isn’t the best tool for the job, this might be one of those cases.

PS: while feldherr doesn’t say exactly what it’s made of they do sell 0.4” sheets of the stuff and specifically say it’s chlorine free, which would seem to rule out PVC as a threat.

Feldherr FS010B 10 pcs. Set 10 mm (0,4 Inch) Figure Foam Tray Full-Size Bottom / Topper

I’d still ask them exactly what it is if I were you.


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