Laser safe glue

Hey there guys. Hope everyone is doing well on here and lookin forward to Christmas. So here’s my question.

I’m making a leather bandana mask. I want to line the underside with a soft fleece fabric so it doesn’t itch my face while I wear it. And I’ve realized it’s going to be very hard to hold the fleece lining even with the leather while stitching it and keeping alignment proper.

So I had the idea of glueing the fleece fabric to the leather completely than cutting out the mask shape. Yes I’m also laser cutting a stitch line also.

So, does anyone on here know of a glue that will be safe to use once I’m ready to glue the fabric to leather than cut it out?

Thanks very much everyone !!! :blush:


Great idea! I’ve used Odif 505 spray adhesive to fix fabric in place to sacrificial plywood to cut and engrave (scorch) quilting material. Shoot- I use it to increase the grip of transfer paper when making my own GoofGrade :tm: from cheap plywood. Haven’t had a problem in the past 4+ years.

I bet this would work for you!


Almost every glue is laser safe once it’s dry. Things like contact cement are very flammable when they’re still liquid but once dry they are no problem at all.


If you want it to be a permanent fixture - I’d imagine Tear Mender would be a good choice


Tearmender is a great choice, works well, cheap and easy to find all over.
If you find it’s too watery (can bleed through fabrics) Aquilim 315 Water-Based Contact Adhesive is also wonderful. Many leather suppliers carry it in the US now.

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Great thanks very much I didn’t know that!!

Perfect I’ll look into that. Thanks again.

Thank you I appreciate it.

Cool just looked it up now. Thanks very much.

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All the answers said Fabric Glue.
And for everything else I have this posted behind bOb


Great thanks for the chart I’m saving this to the camera roll thanks a bunch

Here’s a link to the original.


Thanks again James =]