Laser Safe Notebooks?

I know Moleskins aren’t laser safe (which sucks) but what are some safe options? (Besides making your own)

I checked wikipedia;

“After concerns were raised in 2008 about the presence of PVC in some notebooks, all items are now PVC-free.”

Maybe they are ok now?


From the glowforge website;

Vegetable tanned leather Moleskine cover


That was a cover, not the notebook itself. I’d love a definitive note on whether Moleskines are laser-compatible. We’ve been avoiding them.

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This is what i found on the German website:

Moleskine S.p.A. produziert und vertreibt FSC-zertifizierte Produkte.
Unsere nicht aus Papier bestehenden Produkte werden aus Materialien mit geringem Gefahrenpotenzial für die Gesundheit gefertigt. Unsere Stifte bestehen aus ABS und Metall, und unser Zubehör wird aus Polyester und EVA gefertigt. Für unsere myCloud-Taschen verwenden wir Nylon, während unsere Classic-Taschen aus Polyurethan hergestellt sind.

Funfact: On the US site i could not find anything about the material.

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Google Translate says:

Moleskine S.p.A. manufactures and sells FSC certified products.Our not of paper existing products are made from materials with a low risk potential for health. Our pins are made of ABS and metal, and our accessories are made of polyester and EVA. For our myCloud bags we use nylon, while our Classic bags are made of polyurethane


Thanks you guys. I’ve emailed moleskin. I will let you know what I hear from them.


Not sure if it is Google Translate or a typo, but “stifte” is “pens”, not “pins”. Thanks for the translation though.


I copy/pasted out of Google Translate. So an amusing issue with the translate software it would seem.

Has anyone tried the burn test on a moleskin to see if it has any chlorine? I’m not sure if this has been posted here yet but you can easily test a material using a piece of wire and a flame. Here is a good video that explains it.

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I love videos that teach me how not to die. very useful skill to develop in life


I cant remember where I saw it but I think @dan tested it and it contained chlorine.

He did a moleskin in the video you linked.

Maybe translated for someone from New Zealand (if you know any Kiwis you know what I’m talking about) :wink:


That is straight up hilarious, since it is exactly the kind of mistake I would make. I think the first time I watched it I had stopped before the Moleskin was done. Had to watch again to see if he actually said what it was.

Haha!!! That’s funny.

I’ve never engraved nor tested Moleskine notebooks - we’ve made leather covers for them (e.g. in this New York Times piece) but not engraved directly. I don’t know if they’re laser safe.

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The folks at Sawmill creek were discussing this. I haven’t used notebooks since school where I loved the Italian graph paper ones. I had no idea the fetish level these items pack. So I went down the rabbit hole. It seems that a new test video is in order given that the product materials have changed. Who will do it?A funny discussion here but before reformulation.

I know but since it was a 7 year old video i was hoping that the material of the new moleskin is different.
The video is still really helpful to test any material before you try and use it in the Glowforge.

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