Laser Snake



Gratuitous Industrial Laser Video:


And here I was thinking that you had found an easter egg where the Glowforge would play snake!

@dan how’s that for a hopper request? :smile:


THAT would be a far more reasonable request! I’m not going to lie, I think it would be fantastic if there were a feature that could only be unlocked with the Konami code!


Wait, so we can’t cut vinyl, but they can cut radioactive material???

I call foul!


Do you expect me to talk?

No Mr Bond, I expect you to die!

Goldfinger was a visionary


To be fair I don’t think radioactive material has ever formally or specifically been addressed by GF or the user base. I say we nominate @marmak3261 to stick a smoke detector into his pre release and see what happens .


I can report that my smoke detectors have not been set off yet, even when I forgot to hook up the vent hose back to its port in the window for a few seconds.

Of course, I have to put a smoke detector in this room. It hasn’t one yet. The house has them all wired to the electrical circuits. Time to make a trip to the store.

The closest one is in the next room through double french doors that are always open.


I was getting at cutting a smoke detector in two because they are radioactive :stuck_out_tongue:.


That’s the new secret attachment for the gf :wink:


The Radioactive Boy Scout just died, sadly. I’m not messing with them. :boom::heart::dash: Was deftly trying to remind folks that smoke detectors would be a good investment in case you don’t have one near the Glowforge.


Fascinating! Note that the video looks like it’s sped up ~150x though. It’s a slow snake!


Actually, considering it’s 32mm stainless steel it’s cutting, I think it’s incredibly fast :stuck_out_tongue: