Laser Stippling and Cerakote - G19 Gen 4 Stormtrooper Custom

Does anyone know of settings that can do this with the glowforge? I know that this is cerakoted over but what would the settings look like for this?

No personal knowledge but a search online leads to: "As for Cerakote, using low power you can darken it. Using higher power you can remove the Cerakote down to the base metal. If that would be aluminum, then you’ll usually get some good contrast. " in a discussion of a 40W C02 laser

So I imagine it’s fairly similar to Cermark - of which there are a lot of discussions on here:

You’re going to want to test no matter what


I don’t think I’ve seen anyone post any cerakote experiments so you’ll likely have to just experiment. (Obviously doesn’t mean they haven’t though.) I would guess you’d need slow and powerful to burn it off and I wonder it it could ever get as clean an etch as the fiber laser in the video.

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