Laser stippling Glock frames

I see a ton of people on here doing it, no one posts their confirmed settings.
Can we get all you guys who’ve done it share what you’ve learned? I don’t have spare glocks sitting around to run test on.

Settings go in beyond the manual, so I moved it.

I’d say the only way to be sure is to get a couple of spare scales/frames and try it yourself.

I’d love to know where you have seen “a ton of people on here doing it.”

I am aware of one, and they posted their settings. Easy enough to find using search.

If you searched then, you’d see exactly that A) no one posted actual settings, and B) a bunch have done it, with a large interest of people begging for settings because they too want to do their own.

Found in about 60 seconds using a search for “glock settings”, and I’ll bet there are more. Scroll down, there are at least two settings discussed.

I’ll add:

… and searching the forum can be tricky.

Discourse search is kind of weak, you do need to think of it as a starting point and dig around a bit in the results. It’s tempting to think of people who ask and re-ask the same thing as lazy or newbies but the fact is that it’s not always easy to find what you’re looking for.

I still think if it were me I’d do my own tests; other people’s settings are at best a starting point. Really this is like any other plastic in terms of settings, and what you use will be driven by what end result you want, depth, smoothness, etc. Nobody else can tell you exactly how to get that combo.


Now that’s cheating. You should have used his exact search terms (“glock stippling”…) - then it takes all of 10 seconds! :joy:

Computer is hard…

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