Laser Thursday Nike Wings Gift

I did a quick project last night that I thought I’d share. A friend of mine is doing a long distance road inline skate race in a couple weeks, and also moving to Texas from Seattle. I wanted to do something as a going away gift and to commemorate his race, which he’s been training for quite a bit.

Nike being the winged goddess of victory seemed like a good theme, so I recycled the wing design that @Shell made me for my mask and found a neat quote about the mental aspect of victory that Nike represents and made this:

The gold doesn’t show up great in our fluorescent lighting, but I’m going to get a gold sharpie and have all his friends here sign it before we give it to him before the race. There’s a slot and some stuff on the back to strengthen it up and allow him to elastic and fix it to his skates. He’s going to be the nerdiest most missed skater in the race.

(The project came together really quickly – I already had some designs, so mostly just finding a quote and adding holes in the plank to fix the wings on… I didn’t even cut around the edge of the wood, I just dragged the design to the center and hit print.)


Wow I didn’t realize A2A was still going on. Hung up my skates a long time ago but this is awesome!

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Wow, I wasn’t expecting anyone here to have been a participant :smiley: Small world!

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I love that the “packaging” is also a commemorative plaque.


Thanks! At first I just was going to make a little box, but then I found a quote and one thing led to another.


never a participant. Was a goal to get to one of these years and then life got away with me.

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Beautifully done.


I love the opportunities the Glowforge is going to open up for unique one-of-a-kind gifts with such personalized character.


Being able to easily improve a gift like this when ideas and inspiration come (or are handed out by muses if you want to keep a Greek theme going) is a great reason to own a Glowforge.


Quick update: My friend finished the race!

He was super stoked about the gift and the wings mostly survived!