Laser Thursday: Tiny stand

After we all spent part of our Laser Thursday in the worlds smallest conference room, understandably, not everyone wanted to hang out and spend more time together! Which means the lines were much shorter than normal around the Glowforges. So, I decided to make myself a little stand for my alarm clock. The cool thing for me about this project was that it took very little time at all from start to finish! I quickly mocked up my idea in illustrator, and grabbed some scrap acrylic and started lasering! Within an hour or so I was waiting on the glue to dry. I haven’t really made much ‘furniture’ type of laser projects, so I was overly pleased with myself as I headed home.

Which was short lived because this morning I knocked my design off my desk onto the concrete. Ugh.

Considering how thin the acrylic was, this was most likely for the best. But! I did have some plywood handy. Since my file was all ready to go, it just took a few mins to recut it.

This is my highly official, incredibly technical way of making sure everything was sturdy and strong before gluing a second time. :smiley:

All in all, the process was the best part of this project for me, having a design idea pop into your head and being able to quickly make (and then quickly remake) it, is incredibly cool. Plus the wood is way more robust than my thin little acrylic was.

Glamour Shot!

@dan swears this is a 3d render, but it would of taken me WAY longer to model, light and render a file than it did to just laser cut irl. :smile:


Oh no!! Can’t believe the first one broke! Second looks awesome, though!


It’s drop-dead gorgeous! Really like the design, very classy!

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Nice design, I may have to make something like that, that is when I get my glowforge.

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Nice design and beautiful picture. And welcome @shinnin0nred.

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Also I feel compelled to point out that, despite appearances to the contrary, that third image is a photo, not a CAD rendering. :slight_smile:

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I use light tents a lot for product photography and that diffuse light always ends up like this. I dig it, haha.

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Haha I think the reflection in the white acrylic table is what is giving it such a rendered look. First pass I swore it was too.

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Awesome stand design Shell, but we must have different ideas about alarm clock stands. I would have assumed something more stylistically akin to post-Stalinist architecture cast out of concrete or metal so it could withstand my early morning hatred and abuse.


So what exactly does the plant do to wake you up?

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beautiful stand @Shell!! So simple and elegant :slight_smile: I wholeheartedly agree about the excitement for being able to mock something up super quick with a glowforge- so far I have plans to put mine in my bedroom, so it’s only a matter of time before a 3 am eureka moment will have me shooting out of bed faster than any alarm clock can! :laughing:

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