Laser U is now free

Hey all, I just got an email from Johnson Plastics that Laser University is now free!
This used to be available for $$. Looks like they have decided to make it free to promote their business.
Nothing :glowforge: specific but lots of stuff that will apply.

BTW, they are the best source for good known laserable items after :proofgrade:


Fantastic! Thanks for the link.

Thanks for the heads up

Thanks! I love Johnson Plastics.


Thanks…always learning!

So… what sort of thing do you get from this?

Looks like a subscription service, so it is a weekly email with links to articles and videos on engraving tips and tricks?

All the content is in place even ageing some.

There is a theory section

A section for working with Corel

A section on working with different materials (where the most value is imo)

Maybe another I am not thinking of