Laser ventilating some furniture

I designed a small piece of furniture to hold my home theatre system (a cheap-ish receiver, a MacBook mini, a universal remote sensor, cable box, etc)… Mostly because home theatre shelving tends to be made to accommodate WAY more stuff than I had.

Unfortunately, I didn’t account for the fact that stuff in there gets warm-- and in an enclosed/closed cabinet, the whole thing gets HOT. I’m surprised I didn’t destroy some of my electronics. So I popped the back (1/8 walnut ply) off and headed into Glowforge HQ this weekend.

Results are below. Sadly, no one will every see the glorious back, but I will know it’s there and my electronics thank me. :slight_smile:


Hey, stop copy-catting… :laughing:

Very nice and very functional.

How big are the panels?

Awesome! That’s a nice looking piece of furniture. Care to share the dimensions of the back pieces?

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Very nice!! Mind if I ask the size? Is this done with the pass through!!??

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Now that we have more pics I’m even more convinced my assumption is correct… passthrough in action… Awesome!

There are two panels (I cut the back in half so I can just remove the top to add wires and don’t have to feed them thru).

They are ~19" wide IIRC, so no pass-thru for this project!


Thanks! Nice project and sorry for forcing you to post and prove me wrong…:grin:.

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awesome…reminds me of the old Zenith tv’s with perforated backs.


Nice and functional besides looking great, thanks for sharing the idea.

Now are you really that organized, or did the project photograph compell you to tidy up the spaghetti?

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That looks soooo nice. Was that some proof grade material? :astonished:

All of us will know what is there… on your glorious backside… er… um… nevermind.

I do really love the look… um… of your backside… er back.

Seriously, the ability to modify something like this will be fantastic!


It was not proofgrade material-- just unfinished walnut 1/8 ply, but it DID remind me of why Proofgrade materials are so darn awesome. This particular material was a slightly unusual thickness, had knots in the interior plys, and was generally tougher than most plywoods that I’ve worked with. Because I didn’t have any extra source material, I had to do pretty careful experimenting with manual settings for a tiny part of the design before I could do the full print.


I love this, great idea. If you ever have the need in the future, maybe you can add some vents on the sides, so that you and others can see your beautiful work!

Gives me a great idea for the cabinet in the room that we play cards in. Cut the perforated shapes in the 4 Poker suits for even a more decorative look if seen past the electronics. Then you’ve also got cool shapes and the cut outs aren’t a waste. I’m sure I’d find something to do with those.