Laser Welding of Acrylic



I saw this video and several ideas came to mind for trophies and moving items without using acrylic glues and acetone. We have a height limit, but could I stack layers for multiple cuts and weld?

This capability seems like a beauty for the Glowforge if the functionality can be added someday with manual methods initially.


Laser cuts, then welds multiple l.ayers

Yeah this video is awesome! here is a post of this video a while back with another great link from hackaday.


This will be awesome! It should be doable with the glowforge, as long as the stack is withing the 0.5" (the range of the focus lens). I don’t know if the function will be build into the glowforge, but I could see some design catalog projects that could use this in the design.

Here is another topic with a bunch of cool ideas.


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