Laser welding?

Okay, I’m probably wishfully thinking here, but I couldn’t help noticing these specs on a jewelry laser welder (specifically, the Neutec PulsePoint Studio Plus 60):

Laser crystal: Nd-YAG
Wavelength: 1064nm
Maximum pulse power and duration: 15mS at 60 joules
Peak pulse power: 4.0kW
Pulse duration: 0.5-15mS
Average power: 40W
Pulse frequency: 0.5-15Hz
Spot diameter: 0.3-1.5mm

Just wondering how these specs compare to the GF (other than the different laser source)?
Wouldn’t it be cool to solder jewelry in a Glowforge?

Oh don’t I wish!
I used to have a job where I got to run one of those point-and-shoot lasers for welding platinum settings onto rings and they are super slick.

But… aint going to happen.
Unfortunately the Glowforge is the wrong kind of laser with the wrong wavelength and not nearly enough power.

I figured someone here would know. Oh well, it was fun to dream! Thanks!

Will really be interesting to see what happens in the laser field with the entrance of the Glowforge. There is bound to be some serious disruption.

I would be very surprised if the Glowforge model has much effect on this particular market.
These are some serious machines, and they have very limited mass market appeal since they can’t really be used for anything except welding tiny pieces of metal.

But you are right, one never knows!

@jkopel is right, you need to be in the kW range to weld. I think the confusion comes from the average power of 40W, which makes it seem like the GF can do it. Unfortunately, they are using a 4kW laser with a very low duty cycle ( % on to off) which is giving them an average power of 40W.