Laserable Poly Boards?

Hi guys. I picked up a couple of cutting boards yesterday but I am not sure if they are safe to engrave with the GF. I will send email to both companies, Dexas International and Architec , but also wanted to get the opinions/advice from this awesome group. Has anyone had any experience with either of these products?

I would recommend waiting for the actual MSDS from DEXAS…

Says is virgin poly, which is sort of a short hand for this

Mentions powder dust ignites and hazmat items needed from decomposition vapor. This is a common product MSDS though, so as mentioned, wait on the ‘actual product’ MSDS.

Carbon Monoxide, Carbon Dioxide, selected Alkanes and Aldehydes including Acrolein
and Formaldehyde
Fire fighters and should wear full protective clothing including self-contained, breathing
apparatus. Dust is flammable when finely divided (less than 200 mesh) and suspended in

the second one (poly glass) - is a little less forbidding.

@brokendrum, Thanks so much!

But. If you look at some other discussions of zapping polyethylene you may hear that it doesn’t do that well at taking an image. YMMV.

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