LaserBond 100 - All-Purpose Laser Marking Spray

An aerosol bottle was $75 with shipping via Amazon (Prime not available). It is by far the easiest to get to work etching spray I have used. I’ve used Moly Lube and had lot’s of issues with different metals. LaserBond works great with one thin coat, 2 minutes later you are good to laser just about any metal surface. I used Ajax and a steel wool pad on this and none of it came off.

Speed: 200
Power: Full
LPI: 675
Passes: 1
Material: uncoated aluminum and brass
Spray: 1 thin coat of LaserBond 100
GF model: Basic

Product link on Amazon:


Would you have a link for that stuff? I don’t see it on either or

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Oops, should have included that:

Aha, thanks. I guess I couldn’t find it because it’s not available.

It appears to be there now

This is what I get:

This is what I get

Different states/countries can have that happen. For instance there’s a bunch of stuff that won’t ship to California so it just shows up as not available…


Well that’s weird.

Learned something new today then lol.

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Strange, it shows as in stock for me:

Complainant is in Canada. Many things not as easily accessible there as the US.


I searched both .com and .ca and they both say not in stock.

Amazon is location aware. It’s showing not in stock for .com because it knows you are in .ca.

I shop for stuff for my family in the UK on, and have to work around that all the time.

(Unless you are using a vpn. Then, it must be targeting you personally! :joy:)

Product above is in-stock for GA and CT “IP-based” locations…


Curious how many projects you can get with one can.
Steep pricing, but if using it a lot and can divide the cost across a large quantity it would really pay off.

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On what model? Full is different depending on your machine.

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His profile says Basic.


I ordered a can through Amazon. I got an email from Laserbond stating “you can save the sales tax by ordering directly from our website (shown below) because we fall under the Ohio state (actually all states) minimum for collecting sales tax on our out-of-state sales.”

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In my case, one. Bought a can last year and used it for a test. Put it on the shelf with the nozzle cleared and cap on. Tried to use it yesterday for metal tags. Shook the can per instructions, pulled the cap off and the product had spilled everywhere. Somehow the internals of the can failed. All of the propellant was gone and the product could be poured out if you tipped it over without the nozzle. Tried to salvage as much of the liquid as possible. $70 test. Not bitchin about it since random failures can happen, but not particularly pleased.


Yep, as @eflyguy said, Basic.