Lasercut Face Shield bracket with arms - use acrylic or wood

Face Shield Frame With Arms


Thank you!

did u add a another part in front i used thick acrylic should i use a thinner one

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How do I download the file? What type and thickness of material?

Right-click, save.

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Different from Georgia Tech design?

Sorry. How do I make it a cut file?

I think it should download as an .svg file. If not, I will upload again. It was based on the Georgia Tech design but takes a smaller sized piece of PET or other clear films. Acrylic can be brittle - test your acrylic

I can only download as a png, bitmap only when I right click

Stop using Edge, suggest Chrome.


TY. Edge is bad, Chrome is good.


This design worked great. However, when using transparency sheets for the mask, they tend to flare out at the bottom. I ended up having to super glue the top edges of the sheets to the arms of the shield bracket.

I’m trying to design some kind of a clip that will avoid the need for the gluing. I checked with our local hospital, and they are very interested in getting some!

FireFox is another browser option that works.

Clyde -

The design is great and I’m working on getting it approved by a local hospital. One thing I tried to add was a separate bracket that would hold and weigh down the bottom of the shield in the same manner as the top of the shield.

However anytime I try to edit your design, it shrinks when I import it on to the Glowforge.

Any idea why this would be happening? Or, could you design a small strip of plastic with the same three mounting brackets for the bottom of the shield material?

This looks great - two fit in a single $1 piece of plywood. Is there a pattern or spec for the mask that attaches to it? What size/spacing of holes?

I don’t know why it would shrink. I will upload a version i have tweaked a bit and if you want, show me a sketch or a markup of what you would like added or created

Face Shield Frame With Arms

should fit a 3 hole punch. Clear film (2 or 3 mil or whatever you can get) PET, PETG Mylar

Hello everyone. Could someone post a pic of one that they’ve actually made when you’re finished? Thank you.

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What program are you editing the file in?