Lasercut Poker Chips!


This one’s simple.

Here’s a poker chip you can make on your Glowforge!

I made it for a YouTuber called Brad Owen for his birthday, who turned 31. He plays poker and makes YouTube videos for a living - how cool!

SVG here:

Edit it and put whatever you want onto the chip!

To put words on the circle, use Inkscape’s Text function: Put on Path. Simply select the text and a circle and click the function.

Photo of them here, with a generic box:


The end.





Very thoughtful gift! Easy to see you are having fun with your laser Nick!


New trend! All avid poker players need their own custom chips. Great design, thanks for sharing it!


My husband has a pretty regular poker game…and a birthday in a month…hmmmmm :slight_smile:


It might make it easier for people to find this in the long run if you move your post over to the Free Files area. :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing!


DUUUUDE. My dad is a card dealer at Dover Downs in Delaware. This will be perfect for him! Father’s Day here we come! (his birthday is in October so too far away for that):spades::hearts::diamonds::clubs:


Happy Father’s Day to him!


Happy birthday to him!


Moved! Thank you!


Poker chips are fun :slight_smile: