Lasered a design onto friend's bass guitar

Buddy came over the other day, sanded the finish off his bass, and we plopped it into the Glowforge. Clicky clicky, draggy draggy, whoosh.


Brave soul!

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Hmm why remove the finish? You’d think the laser could have gone right through it? Then you wouldn’t have had to refinish necessarily?

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@cynd11, #notmybass :wink:

I did ask repeatedly how much a replacement body would cost, and was pretty nervous pressing the magic button. Yikes!

@evansd2, I wanted to do it “the easy way,” but he has plans for refinishing the entire body.


Looks good.

I could swear I came back to post an update. But here it is, out in the world, having fun, meeting people. :slight_smile:


I’m amazed you managed to fit it inside the unit. Even bare bones that must be one tight fit!

If I remember correctly, we had to place it at about a 45* angle, and rotate the design to match.


you’d be surprised. i fit a telecaster body in there just fine (granted, bass bodies are usually a little longer). but you can also rotate it and not all of it needs to be in the printable area.

i was a little more paranoid about the depth.

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I have wanted to do this with mine. Thanks for doing it first!! Glad it worked out.