Lasered Black Paper bags

Love em! Thanks for sharing, I would love to give these a go.


The red circles on your bags are air pockets. The laser going over an air pocket is VERY BAD!! This is how a fire gets started.

I would recommend you put a piece of wood in your bag and apply the glue stick to the wood. You want the paper bag to lie completely flat without air pockets.

@eflyguy @evermorian @Xabbess are senior members of the forum and if they have taken their time to post it should be respected and appreciated.

Through the years, when I received advice or a tip from a senior forum member I viewed it as a lottery win. We are not being rude or critical we are trying to help so other owners have a great time using their GF.

Your bags are awesome. I look forward to seeing more of your creations.


No those are actually flat areas of the bag where it is taped to the bed. The other areas are where the handles are and the bottom area is where the bottom of the bag folds under.

If you look at the directions it is only engraving at a very low power on the 20lb paper setting.

Who gave you that bit of information about air pockets? Sounds like someone was playing a joke on you. Here is the trouble with trying to give advice to strangers on the internet. You do not know who they are or what kind of experience or knowledge they have. I am a 45 year old Army veteran. I do have extensive fire and rescue training. I read the manual and let me tell you this is not my first rodeo and I have been around the block quite a few times. Thanks for the advice but your assumptions are not correct.

I find this helpful. Iā€™m waiting for my machine. (Things like this get my brain going.)

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Iā€™m excited for you! This has been an over all fun experience so far.

My hands on experience with laser printing was in a university setting.

Did I watch my prints from start to finish? No.

Did I catch, and stomp out, 1 or 2 fires? Yes.

Am I nervous about doin this in my home? Oh gosh yes. But I also see your point and feel a bit of comfort in buying a unit made for home use. Just enjoy. :grinning: