Lasered Black Paper bags

I apologize if someone has already talked about this. I found a wonderful tutorial on youtube about laser engraving black bags. I ended up tweaking some settings to work for my glowforge pro. I feel like this is a cost saving thing for someone just starting out who doesn’t want to spend more money on supplies or printing beyond just the bags.
The ones with black handle I got at Hobby Lobby. Those have a white inside. The ones with the Kraft paper color are from Amazon. Just regular gift bags but they need to have a contrasting color on the inside to work. I used The 20lb Copy Paper setting and 1000, 13, vary power, 340. I print 2 at once. I line the bags up to the left and bottom of the crumb tray. Typically it takes 20 minutes for 2, but it depends on how detailed your artwork is. It works out great and saves time to tape the bags to your crumb tray with whatever masking tape you have lying around :rofl:. Obviously I used some green painters tape :grin:


Those look snazzy.


Thank you!

Those look so great. Yet another thing to put on my try this backlog.


These would be a fun addition for any gift. Great post!!


Great job on those—they look so elegant!


Probably a niche market for boutiques who want to avoid plastic bags if you were willing to watch for paper fires all day, heh.

For one off Happy (insert holiday here) or happy birthday, the multi colored bags would be ideal for this.
Thanks for the share.


There is a paper setting on glowforge so it doesn’t burn them.

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I think he just meant that you still have to watch everything you make using paper. Even though the settings work great, you still have to watch each print…because you know…paper + fire.


I suppose, just seems odd they would have settings for paper and advertise about it if you need to watch it that close for :fire: lol.

Not really odd at all. They have settings for many materials for our convenience but they’ve never said that something can’t catch fire. In fact, quite the opposite…you’re supposed watch everything you do with a laser. You’re basically working with fire for everything you make. Granted, some things like tile or slate wouldn’t be combustible, but anything can go wrong and it’s not worth being complacent. I would never not pay close attention when using paper or cardboard, especially.


Virtually all materials that can be cut can start a fire, and the owners manual covers this in great detail. You might want to review it.


Guys there is no need to be rude. Everyone knows there is some level of paying attention to what you’re doing. Do you all stare at your laser intensely watching for a fire for an engrave that takes 45 minutes??

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I don’t think anyone is trying to be rude. We have just seen a fair number of machines destroyed by fires when someone “looked away for a second” here.


No one is being rude at all…just stating the reality of using a laser. I’m sure you didn’t mean to come off as complacent. It sounded that way when you were talking about using paper.


Do you go on everyones post and warn them of the dangers of using a laser. Thanks captain obvious, its rude! I’m pretty sure it states in the rules to be kind and contribute to the community, if you don’t have a relevant contribution please scroll by…

Most all of us long-time users will do exactly that! Especially when someone seems like they really don’t fully understand the dangers. And, by the way, you just violated those rules yourself…"


The next “I had a small fire but…” thread coming in 3… 2… 1…


Well it needs to stop. It’s against the guidelines, It’s rude, no one likes posts like that. Its not conducive to a happy environment. We aren’t children using a $6000 machine. We are all adults who also checked the box that we read the safety guidelines. No wonder no one wants to share their designs when you have the fire marshalls and critics saying things to people.

I did read it, thats why your comments are rude and redundant. I’m not the person who made the comment about watching for small paper fires… I mean honestly shouldn’t someone already be paying attention no matter what material they are using.