Lasered Leather Fashion



I made this leather vest with my Silhouette cutting machine since I didn’t have access to a laser at the time. I can’t wait to try it out again with a more complex design on the Glowforge. I couldn’t get too detailed with the Silhouette since it would snag on small pieces.


That’s cool! How in the heck did you get through the leather with a Silhouette? :relaxed:


holy cow, that’s amazing - I can’t wait to see what you make with :glowforge: - is that using a CB09 blade?


Thanks! The link in the post will take you to my Instructable with all the details, but basically it’s thin leather, a new blade, and lots of troubleshooting on speed and depth.


Thanks. I don’t know what a CB09 blade is, so I’ll have to say no on that one. I used a standard blade. The link in the post will take you to my Instructable with all the details.
Edit: Oops. Upon googling, I do have one of those blades that a friend gave me, but I didn’t use it on that project.


I will check it out! CB09 is a fancy-pants blade that is supposed to make amazing detailed cuts, I hear good things about it but have not used one.


And they’re a lot cheaper than the Silhouette blade replacements.


You took the words right out of my mouth.


Oh yes, the Glowforge should make this type of thing so easy! I hope you got the Pro with the pass through. Very nice work!


I got the basic. I’m a teacher. We’re not known for being rich. With the cameras, it should be no problem to roll it up and realign the design in sections.


Very nice! You are going to love your laser!


The CB09 UB-1 blades come stock on the professional production-quality plotters from Graphtec. They are high-quality 45° blades, made in Japan.

Not cheap, but very good. I should probably replace mine soon as it is over two years old, but it has only been cutting thin vinyl and I have not yet seen my cut quality decline.


Two years is a really good score! Thanks for the informed info :slight_smile:


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