LaserGlow acrylic

Just got an email from Rowmark about this and ordered a sample. it’s got my brain spinning a bit (guitar pickguards!).

LaserGlow Brochure_0621 (with 0.125 bleed)(saved as spreads).pdf (

i’m sure i’m not the only person who can see some cool concepts in this, especially with Halloween around the corner.


Waiting with worms in my mouth* to see what you make wiht the samples.

*bated breath (baited…)

I’ll see myself out -


Non-radioactive? Where’s the fun in that?!


i have a sheet from inventables that i was only mildly impressed with. not sure i still have a copy of the little test i did with it. this stuff from rowmark looks a lot more interesting to me.


seriously, the radium girls are unimpressed.


These are glow in the dark acrylic from


those are 1c glow in the dark with paint, right? how bright are they and how long do they retain the glow?

a few of the things i like about the rowmark options are:

  • 2c options (Glow + red/black/green/blue)
  • the reverse engrave option
  • multiple thickness options (.020, .050, 1/32, 1/16, 1/8)

inventables and galaxy plastic are much more limited in what they offer.


I agree about the Inventables stuff. Not very glowy. Looking forward to seeing the Rowmark as the specs state greater visibility for longer periods.


I love GITD stuff! Just ordered a sample to see how glowy it really is. Thanks for sharing the info!


I’d like to try it. Did you order online? If so, could I ask where?

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It’s not cheap, that’s for sure:

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Yeah, that’s a little steep for my old blood. I’ll stick with hardwood. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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it’s a special use product, so i’m not surprised it’s expensive.

even the inventables sheet is essentially the same price (rowmark is $2/mo for a 12x24 sheet). and i suspect the romark is better (and has more options).

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Anxious to see how it works. Please post what you do!!

You’re a very bad man for posting this… Off to see what damage can be done to my credit card :slight_smile:


Very fun. I will add this to my want list…

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I got my free sample today and did a test run.

900/FULL/225LPI Convert to Dots.

The image looks very faint when the lights are on, but in the dark it looks like this:

Pretty cool. But it’s ultra-stinky (extruded, I guess). Also seems to create a lot of green dust as the coating is lasered off.


got my sample today, but haven’t played with it. i’m mildly bummed it was laserglow and ultra laserglow and no two-tone.

it does charge up fast and nicely (still glued to the sample folder).

Yeah, me too. Got two little squares of laserglow and one ultra. It’s too expensive for me, I think, but I can see where it would have some practical uses.