Lasering bananas

Not sure if this falls into this category or inspiration.

I haven’t seen much of laser cutting food on the forums as of late. I get the impression it is a niche more then what a majority of users intend to do. Just saw these two videos and thought it would be fun to post. Both involve bananas.

First is about expensive food. Fast forward(or watch the whole thing) to 5:35. And artist, as best as I can tell, seems to be laser cutting them. And for what he is selling for, they would quickly pay off a GF.

I’m not sure how I found the first one, but that just led to this next one. A demo from another laser. I’m wondering if novelty or custom engraved peels could be a revenue sources now.


That’s actually kind of cool. I was thinking about the possibility of etching a message or design ont0 a walnut shell.


Another idea might be to laser avocado pits after they were dried – being vegan I think we would have an endless supply,


I also saw that. To me, those look like a stamp. the way the image doesn’t stretch around the banana makes it look like it was rolled on. it could be a heated brand? or maybe it just bruises after he does it.



Reminds me of this…


What a fun idea. I wouldn’t want to do it too much ahead of time, as breaching the peel would quickly lead to spoilage, but it would be fun to put messages on bananas for spouse / kid lunches.


Are clementines small enough to fit in a GF?

(I’ve read about research into using lasers to put labels on fruit for supermarkets – apparently it can be done without damage to many fruits, but the capital investment is a bit much.)


That’d be cool. I’ll try that. Heck, I’ll try everything. Ya only live once!

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This would be nice for picky eaters…or to have the kids stand out at school by having their names on the banana peels. Preserves the food if you do a light engrave and it looks awesome.

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But probably just a good idea here for us to throw a cautionary reminder that using your laser for non food things like acrylics and treated woods, could make any food item put in afterwards not taste good, and probably harmful if ingested.


True, although bananas are sort of an ideal use for that, since you peel everything away.


As long as it is for about a day, after that things start looking less appealing (snicker snicker :smirk:)


Bananas, nuts and citrus are probably immune to this, since they are covered in whatever in shipping, etc since we throw away the outside anyway assuming you don’t penetrate inside.


So you think a laser can finally solve the problem of how to open a brazil nut?


A little off topic from your comment, but reminded me of tagua nuts.

Worth a quick look at. They are used for carvings because they have a similarity to actual ivory. Also has some fun images of laser cut tagua nuts.

Also if you want something that looks like a nut and would be great to mix with 3D engrave of the GF:

Some sources I’ve read say actual nuts, some say wood.


These look like they’re definitely doable with a laser.

I am going to start the design of one now. I’ve got some great ideas for the scenes to embed in this form factor. The GF would enable the 3D engrave but I can get some mock-ups done now with my other lasers. Likely use a stack method to make the sphere (although I might try some boxes too).

Thanks for the link!


Ooh, tagua nuts are great. I have looked at them longingly and gotten them for other people as gifts, because I do not have the carving chops. Maybe soon I will.

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I started drawing funny faces on my sons bananas for school.

It lasted about a week before I was told to “just stop”.


i’m sorry does he think he can get away from mom jokes and dad jokes that easily?



Okay. That was a good pun though.

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