Lasering dyed leather

I’m looking to start an armor project out of leather. I wanted the base to be black and the engraved pieces to colored in later with paint. I could, of course just engrave the natural leather stain it and then paint but i’d like to be able to paint while there is a masking on to help keep it a little more clean. Does anybody happen to know if I cut leather already stained with Feibing’s Pro Dye, is that safe? I know the dye itself is alcohol based, therefore it’s flammable but idk if when it dries on the leather if the alcohol is there (meaning i think it all evaporates).


The alcohol would evaporate for sure, so the fire risk will not be elevated.

You’ll be fine. Ventilate as usual and it won’t matter even if the dye is bad for you.

#4 for general material theory:


@evansd2 , once again sir, you are a wizard. Thanks for the help!


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