Hi! Newbie Glowforge user from the Netherlands, eagerly trying to explore all the possibilities of the different options and materials this machine offers. Apologies if this question is not in the right place as this is my first post :slight_smile: .

Since the welcome pack came with only a small patch of Leather I wanted to try some additional leather, and encountered LaserLeather from Trotec (LaserLeather | Trotec) which was in stock in NL. So, I ordered a couple of sheets and while waiting for the package to arrive I have been reading up on all things artificial leather.

It is sold as 100% PU leather… And a lot of internet opinions later I am more confused than before about that. Some users say absolutely no artificial leather for laser cutting, some users say “be aware of PU leather”, but definitely no other type of artificial leather. Is there something I miss here? Since it’s been sold as LaserLeather with a company I trust I feel like it should be safe. But with a lot of stern warnings the doubting starts… Any suggestions / experiences?

– Have -ofcourse- also contacted the seller but am awaiting a reply still.


I don’t have a yes, it’s safe or no, it’s not safe for you. I will say that until I found a definite answer from a reputable source, I wouldn’t risk ruining my laser or my health.


This is because artificial leathers (not yours) tend to be made of PVC, which will destroy your machine. Check out #4:

Your polyurethane leather should be ok (I’d get Trotect to tell you with absolute certainty that there is no PVC in it, but the claim that it’s 100% PU seems to lay that to rest), but like any plastics-based material you should be aware of the risks and monitor the jobs carefully.


Trotec is a very reliable laser company. Their LaserLeather is made specifically for use in a laser. I don’t think you should worry. I am a little jealous because they don’t sell the product in the US yet.


If Trotec sells it you can use it. That’s the business they are in.


Thank you all for your responses, very much appreciated. :slight_smile: Now I’m a little less worried, but to be completely sure I’ll await a response of trotec to verify it as 100% PU. Thanks again!

Yes, that’s my default as well; safety first. But as it is a company focused on lasering and their product is called LaserLeather, I purchased it perhaps a little too quick. Thanks for your reply!