Lasers and chocolate

I’ve noticed that the last ads running for Glowforge has included lasering into chocolate. I’ve been super excited about this for the past 6 months and done a lot of work about it. If interested, you can find out a lot more on this link.

Happy lasering!


Wonderful! I’ve lasered chocolate bars before but the stuff we did for the video was “chocolate flavor candy dip” because chocolate’s too much of a pain to temper! It was still a nightmare to get consistently thick, shiny, etc though. Took about a week of R&D to get it right on point.

Hm. Proofgrade chocolate…


Congratulations on the successful kickstarter! Looks like you guys have a great idea and I hope you are amazingly successful.

I want to say I really like the nouveau classic geometric scroll work on your logo. It makes me happy. :slight_smile: