Lasers can transmit data very quickly

This is pretty amazing.

Lasers, man.


That’s nothing I told my hairdresser a secret. . .


39,875,000,000,000 bytes per second, or the library of Congress’ digital content in two or three seconds. Crazy.


3.1 million times faster than a typically “fast” home connection of 100 megabits.

It’s crazy.

I think most homes network transfer speeds should be closer to 300 megabits (with decent modern tech) that is the general cap for most WiFi systems. But still, a million times faster is nothing to laugh at! That is absolutely crazy. Technology is moving so fast and it is only getting faster.

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Looks like us national average is about 192 megabits/s.

Of course that’s just one report. Here’s another that says it’s 48.

Big country, hard to get that data. Anyway. This is way faster no matter how you slice it.


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