Lasers, dogs, robots, drones... What not to like about this video?

I think it’s a fun little project that could work with a less braindead dog.

Similar video without the electronic complicated stuff:


Poor fido…it is funny though. I like the laser sequence. Go :glowforge: - Rich


I kinda want to build one with a little crane action. Might help out instead of whipping left and right to get his attention.


ahahaha…silly poochie. I want one

He should dangle the bait from a tiny quadcopter and program it to fly a fixed offset from the dog in the requested direction of travel.

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Ahhh, the cat articles of clothing! (That was for you @jacobturner…) I really need to find these!

I was watching the White Rabbit Project with my kids the other day, and of course they wanted to try and hack a cockroach, and make me fling spaghetti all over myself.