Lasers in my eyes

Ok, so it isn’t exactly glowforge related, but I just had a much more expensive laser do some work on my eyes and had to post about it here. After thinking about it for about a decade, I finally decided to pull the trigger on LASIK surgery to get rid of those pesky glasses/contacts. I’m 4 hours post op and my vision is pretty close to what it was prior to surgery with corrective lenses. I’m amazed at what technology and lasers can do. If anyone is considering the same and has any questions, I’m happy to share my experience in more detail. I’m so excited that I can see without anything on my face or in my eyes! Like whoa, my eyes are doing this right now.


I had LASIK about 27 years ago. (I wore glasses since I was 4). After the first 24 hours, I had 20/10 in one eye and 20/05 in the other eye. Unfortunately after 27 years, I’m at the point that I need +1.25 reading glasses.


Yeah, the doctor was very upfront about the fact that laser surgery doesn’t prevent and can’t correct presbyopia (the loss of flexibility in the lens that causes the need for reading glasses later on in life). They do have a solution known as “monovision” that focuses one eye for distance, and one eye for near vision. I can’t imagine getting used to that, but it’s an option if reading glasses are undesirable. Sorry to hear your reliance on glasses came back, but hopefully it’s still better than needing corrective lenses all the time.


Tritto. I was 20/200 & 20/300 pre-op, 20/5 & 20/10 post. Settled down to 20/15 for the past 20 years, plus a collection of cheaters in every room and vehicle. Was offered mono-vision, but as an astronomer, that was a non-starter. Glad its working out for you!


I had my eyes done 19 years ago when I was 18. I really can’t stress enough of how much big a deal that is! That’s 19 years without corrective lenses, glasses anything!

Last year I thought that my eyes were starting to degrade again and I had them checked out. Although they don’t have perfect 20/20 vision the correction is not enough to validate another treatment (yet).

Hope to inspire more people to do so!


Cole - I’m glad this has gone well for you and millions of others including my wife and son. I can’t stress enough the importance of following the post surgical process to make sure everything heals properly.

Thanks for sharing your story with us.


I feel like I was misled by this title. I thought the lasers would be coming out of the eyes, not going in.



Sorry to disappoint. I’ve been telling everyone that I was getting “laser vision” leading up to the surgery :smiley:

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