Laserscad - A library for efficient lasercutting with OpenSCAD

Saw this on the OpenSCAD mailing list today.


Your post on the exhaust flange extension and this project have convinced me to load OpenSCAD on my laptop. Thanks for the sharing.

Mind you, I might not make anything of my own, but your pshares and many others allows me to take someone else’s design and easily modify. OpenSCAD really is a great tool to have in the arsenal because it extends design fu.

Well, that bites. Windows need not apply. Ok. Still, can use for 3D modeling for the Prusa.


Interesting to compare with which takes a somewhat different approach. It runs inside OpenSCAD (so works on Windows).

Sorry I don’t understand. It seems be just a zip file with OpenSCAD source code in it.

The github instructions say you need python and bits…

Python is freely available on Windows. I also use it with OpenSCAD to make BOMs, etc.

I’m sure I could get it to run on my Windows machine, but past experience getting some python programs and the directories and paths straight require a bit of effort and time. I saw this and figured that I’d be better off loading it on one of my Linux machines. That is one of the best things about Linux is the absolute ease of finding and installing programs like this. I’ll poke around a bit.

I’ll have to understand how OpenSCAD works as an installed program. If there is no native windows installer, it just requires some time. I have never explored how OpenSCAD is built and configured. Guess one more thing to learn.


I’ve installed it on two different windows machines and I don’t recall having had to do a multiple step install.

Oh I missed that. OpenSCAD and Python have Windows installers and there is a GNU windows version of make so it should be possible to use it on Windows but yes might need some fiddling with paths.

“it” referring to Laserscad or OpenSCAD? If Laserscad, do you recall any special hurdles to overcome or was it just making sure you had Python installed and knew the correct paths?

OpenSCAD. I guess I should look at that laserscad library.

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Ah, I don’t have a Linux install. I’m doing pretty much everything there by hand in all my files thinking, geez it would be nice to make an extension/plugin/branch for laser cutting. I would like to see a projection of a file with an engrave to understand how it’s handled in output.

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To clarify - OpenSCAD runs fine on Windows. The lasterscad library requires some external scripts to run, which assume Linux/MacOS X. It should be possible to get them working on Windows.

There’s also the h library which does the same sort of thing, and is pure OpenSCAD, so works anywhere OpenSCAD works.