Lasor not working. Brand new glowforge

I just got my glowforge and is citing fine but lasor is not doing anything.
Is there a money back? I can’t call anyone and people take forever to answer

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If your unit is “cutting fine” then the laser is working. If the laser wasn’t firing, you’d not get any cuts (or if the power setting were at 1, which sometimes happens, so be sure the power is set higher, or test with proof grade material and the settings for that material).

If you can run the “Gift of Good Measure” and it cuts and etches per the design, then the unit is functioning properly.

Are you expecting the tube to change color or something while the unit is running? That doesn’t happen.

To check for problems, run the “Gift of Good Measure” file on the sheet of draftboard that was provided with the machine for testing purposes. Post a picture of the results here.

Instructions for printing the Gift of Good Measure are here:

Do you mean the engraving part?

So I placed my Mac Pro and there is a setting for that but I get nothing. Then I went on line and watched this guy do dog tags and shred the settings and nothing. So when it comes to engraving on metal I get nothing.
You mentioned settings. Do I just go high on everything? I mean if glowforge added the setting for Mac Pro then their settings are fine and I don’t want to mess with them right?

Also another question. I don’t need to put water in this machine right?

You’ll have to take the crumbtray out to do your MacBook, I believe. I think they are all more than a 1/2” tall.

No, you absolutely don’t put any liquids in the machine.

You can only engrave on anodized aluminum, not on all metals. Anodizing is a coating on the metal that you can engrave off, exposing the bare aluminum underneath. (For anything non-anodized you need to use a product like Cermark to mark it.)

You might want to read through a few of the discussions in the Beyond the Manual section on how to engrave on anodized aluminum before trying it yourself, and I’d recommend buying a few cheap anodized dog tags from Amazon to practice on before engraving your Mac. Engraving an anodized coating off is permanent.

Search results are here:

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Did the good measure and it perfect

Okay thank you. I just figured doing my Mac Pro but didn’t do anything. I didn’t remove the tray.

Practice on a couple of other things first. Mac Pro’s are kind of expensive. :slightly_smiling_face:


Bingo Jules, it is brave soul indeed who jumps straight to a MacBook! I appreciate folks who like to wade right in, but be careful starting off with such an ambitious project becasue you’d hate to turn your MacBook into a paperweight. And while some machines do break down or have issues , the vast majority of problems we see in here are settings, file or user errors. The machine is easy to use, but getting proficient with it will take some time and there is a learning curve. We all went through it though and are here to help.

I find this info about manual setting so helpful in learning what each setting does and what the purpose of it is.


I blame the media for giving such high expectations on the visuals.



Thank you for the information :slight_smile:

Thank you for the information :relieved:

Do you expect me to talk, Goldfinger?

No, Mr. Bond, I expect you to die!

This is one of my all-time favorite bond films. Classic!

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