Last Minute Father's Day Cake Topper

Hope I catch some of you in time
fathers day topper


No problem. Several hours left, just don’t wake him up with the noise.

Joking aside, looks nice. I like the mesh with the fonts used and it looks like you made what is usually a hard thing easier with your selections

I have not looked in the kitchen yet, but if people pay attention there will be a cherry pie out there instead of a cake (EXCEPT for a decadent chocolate bundt, but I would have smelled that and investigated, so…)

As always, thanks for sharing. A lot of people here can use it to move forward in their adventure.


Fun design! My hubby isn’t getting a cake… at this point I don’t even have a gift, though, so I need to figure out something quickly. Father’s Day snuck up on me this year.


Cool design!


Great design! Thanks for the share!

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Thank You

Neat design!

We fired up the pizza oven and had my two oldest and their significant others down for pizza. Early afternoon until well after dark - didn’t expect that but it was nice to be hanging out with other people without masks.


Yes! We had birthday parties this weekend and last (and next and the weekend after - whew!) and it was so nice to be mask-free and give hugs. As for my husband, his gift was mostly to do whatever he wanted all day (video games) without anyone bugging him, for me to nag the kids through their chores, and for me to order and pay for dinner. He doesn’t really need or want anything I can afford, so he was pretty happy with his day.

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