Last Minute Valentines Day Gift

I’ll post a made on glowforge thread with mine later, but I wanted to get this out there so you still have time to cut one out before the day is done…



That’s very kind of you!

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thank you … there is no time better than now to head out and make this gift for my beautiful wife,:sunglasses::glowforge:

Thanks! No :glowforge: yet, but might try it on on my Silhouette. But for the weeding :sunglasses:

Thank you very much!

With the Cricut, I would save my sticky mats when they were the perfect stickiness just for occasions like this. I used to rank them and use my favorites for fiddly jobs like this where it needed to come off in one piece but not be a nightmare while doing so. You needed just the right amount of use on them and they’d settle down just so.

Quite cool. I’ll be ready for next year!

Very pretty! Thanks for sharing! :slightly_smiling_face:

Will utilize your technique, thanks for the heads uo!

Here it is, cut from Joanne’s cheap craft plywood.

With enough planning ahead, you could make two gifts out of this… I managed to pull it out without disturbing the cast offs.


Lay a large sheet of paper masking tape or vinyl transfer tape over the top of the cutouts before you remove them from the grid - picks them all up in correct orientation. Apply spray glue to another sheet and set them down on top of it…let it dry. Remove the masking tape. Boom! Chakalaka! :wink:


Hi – Is the outer layer a cut line that you designed? I have had this happen when the line I want to cut is too thick (say 2 or 3 pt) and so the GF software sees it as an etch. I always make sure that my cut line is not only red but also only 0.019 pt thick. Does this help?

It looks like an engrave because I gave it a fill when I uploaded it. It’s hard to see the design as outlines only, sorry. Just select convert to cut and it works just fine.

Two years later, this design lives on and evolves. last minute as well, being it’s February 14th 2020. I edited it to engrave one of each letter in LOVE, in acrylic. I also made it a bit smaller to fit 4-2/3 of them on one sheet. New file attached, plus GFUI shot and final view. In hind sight, but being that my deadline is immediate, I shouldn’t have done on acrylic because it doesn’t show up on a background - but I only had clear on hand… and others issues due to last minute-ness. Such as shrinking the original file in the GFUI to 7" wide. Some pieces are brittle. But all-in-all, thank you to the originator!

Just noticed, this is the 14th comment on this string. Kismet.