Lastest Test Design for My Trains Layout

A Control Tower for the train yard. The final product will be made from PG Basswood and have lighting inside (that’s the easy part) The outside is a plastic sheet the has a concrete block texture look. The chimney will be brick and the roof will actually look like a hip roof. The roof will be the tough part cause it will need to be hand trimmed to fit and have a the slope.

The plastic sheet is from MicroMark and .5 mm thick and was cut on the GF using draft-board as a backing. Cutting setting was 170 and 30. No smoke, flame, melting or warping…


Oh that’s cool! Love the steps! :smile:

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Looks great … What fun to create exactly what you want.

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Thanks and cheaper too,

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Oh yes!

Nice! Do you know what kind of plastic it is?

They are 7.5 x 12 .5 mm thick styrene sheets.

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Very nice! I hope at some point you will show this incorporated into your layout.

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I hope so and soon, it’s been a work in progress for two years…:grinning: