Late Star Wars day submission

My late submission for the obligatory ‘May the fourth’ be with you project. Not nearly as awesome as the monopoly board game though! This is on medium draftboard PG I am going to do it on walnut or maple next.



Awesome! :grinning:

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The Monopoly board isnt a fair comparison. Still…that’s pretty cool.


How long did this take? What is the finished size?

Lots of lines to score. Love this graphic! :star_struck:

This took about 2.5 hours, I got it to 8x11 so I could frame it but did it on draft board. The weeding out of the tape was terrible with all the fine detail.

Has anyone tried using compressed air to blow out all the little pieces instead of weeding out “every last sliver”?

Gorilla tape and plastic razor blades. Only way to go. :wink:


Was this Lucasfilm licensed or fan art? If Lucasfilm licensed, it’s nice that they finally labelled exactly where the trench was (top mini DeathStar plan), since many fans think the trench was along the equator.


This is AWESOME! Can I ask where you found the graphic?

I found a real low res image on Pinterest and it has been about 8 hours cleaning it and reinforcing edges and stuff like that to make it good enough to engrave.


Super nice job on it! Should look great on plywood as well.

I can only imagine. Came out fantastically however !!! (Odds are you will continue to find tiny pieces of masking in areas for years to come !!!):wink:

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I’m guessing you just took the 1080p artwork and scaled it down?
If so, is the type font legible? In my tests in illustrator, it doesn’t look like it would be.

It’s legible but mostly just the larger text. As you deduced, mostly to scaling down.