Latest experiments in inkscape

Well, I can’t seem to find the thread I was keeping with what I was learning in Inkscape while I stockpile Ideas for the impending golden Email currently set for Feb 8! The Spiral table noted in the other thread evolved a bit to this, that is 4 layers though only two are needed depending on what it goes to the top is the previous table and the rest are dynamic offsets. I have discovered that Inkscape can be very messy as holes are closed leaving geometry that is less than a pixel, For the person who wanted them as a hole in leather they might even be interesting as unless they are cleaned I can easily see the laser shooting holes like buckshot all over your design. I hope there is a global way to delete them but I had to resort to just finding each one and deleting it without disturbing the stuff I did want. Anyway, this is the final of all four layers. the tabs are to fit in a groove in the frame of the design.



Very interesting design. :grinning:


Well for all those of you complaining that the Golden Email date had passed, I can say that with me they even jumped the gun sort of. The date was as early as mid-January but bounced back and forth (mostly back) so it felt like I was chasing a moving target. Well, the target date was Feb 8 but I found the golden Email in my box tonight! a week early! So I signed all the rules, promised I would not be making porn or illegal weapons, and tossed my anxiety into super high gear.

I will be going to the doctor tomorrow to charge my legs for non-support so I will need to find help to even get the boxes in the door, and many other vague expectations will now be biting realities.

Congrats! :smile:

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Very cool design!

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Really nice and congrats! I got mine today also.

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