Latest Improvements: New Proofgrade settings, Chat Updates

I noticed the VERY SNAPPY SNAPPING. when I was making the tree topper base. I was like WOW. the alignment lines that showed up were nice.


I haven’t really used the snap feature lately. The latest thing I am working on I designed in Silhouette Business and uploaded into the GFUI.


I turned off /down what I could find but they are still there.


I don’t think the solution provided by Glowforge fixes the issue and I don’t understand why they think it does either.
I tried changing the css code to work after the ‘improvement’ but haven’t succeeded as yet


all I could find was under preferences. They are turned to low but still strong. i’m on a Mac, so I’m probably not looking in the right place.


Try this to hide the discord box - I use the Stylebot extension :

div.MuiGrid-root.MuiGrid-container.MuiGrid-direction-xs-column.MuiGrid-align-items-xs-center.MuiGrid-justify-content-xs-flex-end {
visibility: hidden;

The usual proviso - if you have unexpected behaviour remove the edit.
Come on Glowforge - please do the job you’re good at so I can do mine in peace and not waste time trying to fix this.

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