Latest Kim Oberlin order

Spalted elm and two batches of figured walnut, one with live edge corners. As always, good quality and inexpensive.

More about Kim here:


Can’t wait to see the boxes you make from that! I’m working on a dresser valet (tray?) based on design concepts you showed us, hopefully I will make progress on that soon.


The spalted elm is amazing . Please report on its quality as compared to ease of use from Maple or Paduk =10 to Mahogany =1 also fluorescence or other that you might notice. I did not know that much elm survived and so had not considered it.


That’s fantastic! I love spalted maple - went half and half on a whole tree with a friend (bought from a barn in rural Washington) that is now bookshelves, tables, boxes, and lots more. That was in my pre-glowforge woodworking days. Very curious how it works on the Glowforge.


Thank you for the recommendation I ordered a variety pack. For anyone hesitant to order, Don’t be. it’s a really great product.

Thank You

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Pics of your haul? :slight_smile:


All 1/16". Dead flat, every inch usable. I love that the species and figure is clearly marked.


Oo, score! If you have a blacklight, take it to the yellowheart and redheart, it’s so cool.


This makes me so excited! My order should be here in a couple of days :star_struck:


I think you’ll be happy.

Dammit, apparently I’m suffering from CRS! I just went and checked and I had looked at both sellers and eventually went with an order from Ocooch Hardwoods ( instead and that’s what’s coming. I’m so disappointed after seeing your fabulous order from Kim. I wonder if hubby would notice if I sneak in another box of wood? :thinking::flushed:


You gotta be real sneaky. When I came home tonight, I was heading for the basement when my wife perked up, “Hey, what’s in the box?” Crap, I was caught.


So busted! :woman_facepalming: I do have it a bit easier as my hubby isn’t nearly as observant. I have dummy boxes scattered around the GF room and can often get by with the, “Oh this thing? Remember it’s that thing I bought months ago and I’m just now unpacking it. It’s been sitting in the corner forever!” Unfortunately for you, us gals aren’t always so easily fooled. ::rofl:


big enough stacks, all you need to do is slide the new stuff inside an existing stack. won’t be noticeable.

my sad story is that i sent my GF back for repair right as i came home with a couple of hundred dollars in hardwood from a couple of rural wood shops coming back from christmas holidays. i have a stack of 12x18 wenge (a 72" x 12" x .75" board ripped down to 1/8" sheets), a smaller stack of brazilian rosewood ripped down from a 10 x 36 x .75 board to 1/8. plus some 1/4 sheets of yellowheart, padauk, and birdseye maple. and some random 3-4" x 24" end cuts that were literally $1/each.

and i can’t do anything with them.

on the plus side, fedex reports that someone at GF in seattle signed for my return today.


Brazilian rosewood? I didn’t know you could buy that any more—must have been an old board.

I am feeling your pain. I ordered some Olivewood that finally arrived and I found an old stash if woods from many years ago but my Glowforge will not be back from the revival till next Wednesday.

Endcuts at a dollar each? care to share source? 24" inch end cuts???

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You will not be disappointed with Ocooch. the only issue I had was buying their box of mixed and there are no labels to know what everything is.

BTW double that about the UV light, Even when the wood does not light up the way Yellowheart does, the color or how dark the wood is under UV changes as well so three pieces that look the same you can still differentiate if two are the same species and the other isn’t.

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the guy showing me the wood had a really heavy accent, maybe he said bolivian and i was confused.

sorry, “off” cuts. it was late and it’s been a long week at work.


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