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Everyday, I get excited just thinking about owning my own laser cutter. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to own one that is affordable. I can’t wait to start making my own stuff with MY OWN PERSONAL laser. I will be so much more productive with my art and be in general a happier person (laser cutting is kind of a part of my life now, and I’m literally thinking of a million ways to cut new things constantly).


Unicorn tears?


So that’s why I haven’t seen any unicorns around lately…


Baby bunny squeezing. :japanese_ogre:


Had me at “Very Expensive and Very Magical!”



That’s funny because I’ve seen people on Laser and engraving user group on Facebook accuse you of doing just that already. :smile:


O no not the bunnys I have to keep mine away from you


The running joke here is… it’s engineer tears.


“It’s a magical place…”


Funny, that is one of my favorite shows.


I’ve done difficult projects before…engineer tears? After working 16 hour days for months with a deadline approaching quickly, the tears were real sometimes. Looking back it is a little humorous, but no joke at the time. - Rich


That’s the thing about humor, what makes it funny is there is truth behind it. :wink:


Thank you for the update Dan and the glowforge team.
I have a couple of questions regarding shipping, some for you and some for the community.

When I first bought into glowforge, I was already in the market for a laser, obviously the glowforge was the best candidate. I didn’t realize at the time it was a year out from production. I’m pretty certain I’m not the only person that feels a bit misled here, but that the horse is dead and I won’t kick it. It appeared to be ready for December last year and I’ve been hurting really bad without the investment capital as I gave it to glowforge. Because this purchase is so important for me, I made the very difficult decision to stick with it in order to have the best tool available. But at the cost of not being able to earn on that capital. I’m hurting more, now than ever, because of that decision. Am I going to be able to afford the duty on my glowforge? What kind of irony is that?

Is it at all possible to drive to Seattle to pick my unit up, get my shipping fee refunded and use my shipping fee to offset my duty? The shipping is huge on this item and I’m within reasonable distance from GF HQ that I shouldn’t have a problem doing this.

I plan to be away for the last two weeks of December, what happens if I’m not here to pay the duty/tax and brokerage fees from the shipper (please, do not use UPS, they’re business practices are akin to high seas robbery)? Does it get sent back and I have to wait until March? Would I have to pay for shipping twice?

Does anyone know how much Canada’s duty and tax will be on this? What bracket it fits under and if there’ll be any exemptions I can apply for?

Thanks again for the update and bringing this thing into reality.


No, because they are not being manufactured at Glowforge HQ in Seattle.

you will get an email asking for shipping information when your glowforge is ready. You can defer shipment for some amount of time (I don’t know if there is a cap on how long you can defer)[quote=“afourtrackmind, post:133, topic:3179”]
Does anyone know how much Canada’s duty and tax will be on this? What bracket it fits under and if there’ll be any exemptions I can apply for?
there has been a lot of discussion among the Canadian owners here, too much for me to go through right now, but this forum’s search function is very powerful and easy to use.


Are you in Canada? The only problem is the units are not in Seattle, they are being manufactured somewhere else. (And we don’t know where that is, just that it is somewhere in the US.)

I think some other Canadians are making arrangements to set up a delivery to a US address and then driving down to get it - you might want to look into doing something like that if it makes sense financially.

Got any friends across the border? That would be the best way to handle it. You would just give that shipping address to Glowforge when you get the email asking for the address to ship to. Or set up a PO box here. (I’m not sure how it would work, but it might be something you could do proactively.)


I have family in Washington, I think I could have it sent there. I’ve already paid international shipping, would sending to Washington change the shipping price?
I’ve just realized Washington is a funny word.
Thanks for the reply.


I think you will be able to work that out when they send the email. (They’ll probably refund it if there is a significant difference and you decide not to have it shipped internationally, but that is something you would need to ask when it happens. Doubt they’ve worked out all of those details yet.) :slight_smile:


Ahh, yes. That makes sense. My brain hasn’t made it to that conclusion just yet. Thanks for the leg up.

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When my friends ask “When are you getting your Glowforge thingy?” I always say “Its slated to ship in December, and I stay sane by assuming that means 12/31/16 at 11:59pm”


Hi Fellow Canadian!

Yes - it does make a big difference if you ship Washington vs. Somewhere in Canada.

I’m having mine ship to Washington as well and picking up from there. I’m doing my own import paperwork and paying duty at the border.

Check these post Canadians - Shipping question

Lots of good info!