Layered, Acrylic Desk Sign

I have a friend who owns a chain of retail stores, so I made her a desk sign. Made with medium, Proofgrade, clear and fluorescent pink acrylic.


The name of her store made me think it was a certain kind of store. Google confirmed it is exactly the kind of store I suspected. I guess that says something for the name she chose. When someone can immediately identify what a company sells just by their name, that’s good branding.


Very pretty!:smile:

That’s what she said??

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Love this execution. I have something similar drawn up for a friends company but I’d like to make it in thicker acrylic.

Looks like a great company to be friends with too!

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Nice, did you adjust the size of the inlay? I mean to accommodate for the thickness of the laser? Also, what did you use to glue it?

I didn’t adjust for kerf, as this was my first attempt at doing an inlay, and I had not, yet, educated myself about how to make the adjustment.

I used ‘Weld-on 3’, an acrylic solvent adhesive, to fuse everything together. I was unable to find a solution for laminating the layers together, while maintaining the optical clarity, so all of the solvent welds are done below the base, so that any possible adhesive artifacts are hidden from view.

Okay so not just me !

Made me look :smile:

I actually resisted for 3 days.