Layered artwork

I have a question. Though out the made on the glowforge topic there are examples of people making gorgeous layered art, where the geometric art is stacked one layer at a time. Some of people have tried to explain how it is done. I am very visual learner and need to “see” how it is done. Does anyone know of a video tutorial that shows step by step how to do this technique. I do not want to copy anyones work I want to do my own. I’m having trouble understanding how to design this type of artwork. Thank you in advance.


Search for “geometric layered paper art”…

Olga Skorokhod has a channel with just a couple of examples, but she shows in great detail how they were made which (I think) translates well into understanding how the more complicated pieces are made. If you then google her name, you’ll find many other beautiful pieces she has created.

She’s also on Instagram, and if you study her work, I think you’ll get a good idea of how it’s made.

… and I could watch her all day.


Just featured in the latest issue of MAKE magazine.

Not much of a how-to, sorry. But you do see a glimpse of adobe illustrator in the video.