Layered Big Fish In A Bowl

The various shadowbox projects I have seen inspired me to add it to my rabbit hole list. I had thought about several things to try, but then I was inadvertently reintroduced to my large fish in a bowl acrylic stained glass project and boom, here we are. One less chunk of MDF in my world and another to-do item checked off.
You have to love it when a first out trial looks this swell.

As shown it is filler, plant, filler, fish, water. The extra filler between plant and fish adds greatly to the depth look.
Initially I thought to use a blue hue or clear acrylic as a second layer, such that whatever was behind the project would show as with a real fishbowl. Lacking the resource needed, it was decided to paint the water onto a backplane. I may make another if I get a resource to my liking later and try a through the glass look.
This is now 5x6 but was larger in concept (10 wide). I reduced it so I could burn all 5 pieces needed off of one board.
Here is a picture I took to exhibit the depth a tad. The depth is awesome in person, but for some reason the picture lost the depth impact.

I may clean this up enough for a free laser design thread, not really decided yet and they are not going to let my bury myself in the computer today. So…

Happy Father’s day to all my peers.


Most of my first trials look like disasters, but yours is a work of art. I think the painted pane works well, and the depth of field is impressive.


Very cool!


Here is an additional view.
Old and New together.
Cannot really compare even though a lot alike, since the medium is so different.


That is truly amazing…as is the first version!


I really like what you did here…a very different take on a shadowbox. Looks great!


I actually prefer the first one. Very nice!

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I love the acrylic/painted depth this gives! New ideas to ponder in my head now (as if I don’t have enough already :grinning:)!!

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So awesome and whimsical!!!

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I agree, That’s Awesome.

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Wow, amazing! At first I couldn’t believe that was acrylic–it looks like a fine art painting. Think I like the old better than the new.

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These are great … but will chime in … I love the first most!

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Very nice. I like the first one best, I think. The wood bowl gives it a warmer feeling.

The rule of thumb is one inch of fish per gallon of water. :upside_down_face: Nice work!

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